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Today’s Empowered Woman is here to help. We are focused on empowering women at challenging crossroads in their lives. We help you navigate the everyday challenges and even the life-changing ones.

Which Conversations Do You Want to Join?

Join like-minded women to share views on topics like these:

On Relationships
  • Benefits and improvements that come out of loss and heartbreak
  • Best ways to cope and learn from betrayal and deception
  • Finding humor in most outrageous lies ever told
  • Creative ways to heal your heart
  • Rituals and acts of closure to pave the way to move on
On Being Heard at Work
  • Advantages gained from worst career challenges
  • Meaningful benefits derived from difficult work relationships
  • Transforming negative perceptions into positive outlooks
  • New approaches to cope with difficult challenges
  • Steps to enrich your work life and create a better future work environment
On Health & Physical Trauma
  • Positive outcomes from shattering life trauma
  • Best advice when facing serious physical, health or medical crisis
  • Strengthening relationships: building strong support systems
  • Benefits of expanded self-awareness through physical, medical, health challenges
  • Enhanced activities/actions evolved from life difficulties
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About the Community Host

Cynthia Leeds Friedlander has coached thousands of working women to master difficult conversations, to develop dynamic speaking and presentation skills, and to excel in all their personal and business communications.

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