The Communication Essentials Workshop

Discover How To:

Listen with Interest

Speak with Ease

Interact with Respect

"Will help those who want to untie their tongues and avoid the hazards of miscommunication."
Kirkus Discoveries, Neilsen Business Media.

Speak Easy Communication Essentials

Our communication patterns and approaches are ingrained and second nature. We react and respond without experiencing how differently our communications may be received from the way we intended. We often jump in with our views and opinions without giving any thought to demonstrating how well we are listening or to acknowledging what others see as important. We frequently ignore or are unaware of the impact or misinterpretation that might result from our responses.

Speak Easy Communication Essentials Topics

  • Workplace achievement characteristics
  • Primary communication styles
  • Emotional intelligence characteristics
  • Basic communication fundamentals
  • Communication success steps
  • Comfortable responses for difficult situations

Speak Easy Communication Essentials will demonstrate how to:

  • Expand your appreciation of the key characteristics and communication approaches of accomplished business professionals.
  • Gain an understanding of six primary communication styles and the effectiveness of these in varying circumstances with varying types of individuals.
  • Acquire knowledge of the four primary dynamic categories of Emotional Intelligence.
  • See the greater impact of EQ on career advancement and success vs. IQ.

Learn how to communicate confidently in a wide variety of situations, including effectively answering challenging questions, responding to difficult requests, facilitating group discussion, managing conflict and much more. All examples and interactive activities will be tailored specifically to the types of situations you encounter in your day-to-day work experiences. Relevant content and solid resources will be interwoven with interactive dynamic activities and exercises to enrich your professional lives, enlighten your minds and provide you with take-away strategies and knowledge that you will be able to retain easily and implement immediately.

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