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Cynthia Leeds Friedlander's

...Selected Presentation Highlights

  • PepsiCo’s Women’s Initiatives Network (WIN) - Presented Work-Life Balance Communication Essentials / Responding to Difficult Requests
  • NATO’s Joint Forces Training Center - Design and delivery of two-week Communication Essentials program
  • Keynote Speaker for the International Trademark Association’s International Leadership Meeting

Need a World Class Speaker at Your Next Event?

Cynthia Leeds Friedlander immediately engages diverse audiences, simplifies complex information, and provides quick access to new tools. She is a dynamic presenter who:

  • Heightens understanding and motivation.
  • Raises awareness and opens doors to action.
  • Speaks with genuine concern and acute awareness.
  • Synthesizes and crystallizes issues.
  • Provides dynamic understanding of complex concepts.
  • Renews focus and direction; illuminates paths to enhancement.
  • Brings diverse and extensive expertise, experience, and passion.
  • Speaks with authority and engages with authenticity.

Workplace Dynamics / Virtual Teams Interview:

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Presentation Topics Include:

  • Women's Empowerment
  • Life Transition Challenges
  • Relationship Betrayal
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Communication Excellence
  • Career Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Workplace Dynamics

Program Examples*

  • Today’s Empowered Woman
  • The 10 Mistakes that Stop Women from Being Heard at Work
  • The Power of Positive Communication
  • Communication Essentials
  • Refusing Difficult Requests Easily and Tactfully
  • Leveraging Leadership
  • Paving the Way for Successful Teams
  • Career Management: Creating Paths for Advancement
  • Negotiating Strategies: Skills for Success
  • Decision Making: Acting on Priorities
  • Personality Factors and Building Self-Confidence
  • Blocks to Productivity: Examining Personal Bias
  • Developing Professional Presence
  • Presenting with Ease and Impact
*Cynthia Leeds Friedlander tailors her services and programs to the individual and organizational needs of her clients. She excels in designing programs and presentations to match the challenges people are facing and to demonstrate the elements that are of high value and concern.
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